Savings not attracting enough interest!

Are you in the fortunate position of having cash sitting in the bank, but feel unfortunate because it is earning very little? If this is you then please read on.

Our associated companies invest in the property market place, in Derby, Nottingham and Stoke, we are looking for seed capital/joint venture opportunities to get projects off the ground, as you would expect, once projects are completed we then raised funds against them and repay the initial investments, typically within in 6 to 8 months and paying out interest rolled up at the end of the project. These returns are significantly better than the interest rates paid by the banks and the loan is secured against the property purchased.

Examples of current projects in development are:-

  1. Nottingham commercial conversion to residential – 10 1 to 2 bedroom apartments.
    3PR 181102
  2. Nottingham new build site – 10 4 bedroom houses in a gated community.

    Enderleigh 181102

  3. Stoke 3 bedroom HMO.

    Lime St 181102

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