What is Autotrip?

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“From keeping track of business mileage to submitting accurate claims, Autotrip helps businesses save time, money and tax by automating every step of the process.” – this is our suggestion for reducing your time spent on mileage claims, never miss a journey and hence claim the maximum amount and pay as little tax as possible. Go to http://www.autotrip.com to download the app.


Your time is valuable so why spend it logging or managing mileage? Ditch old fashioned logbooks and excel spreadsheets and upgrade to a mileage tracker app that does the work for you.

With Autotrip, you can track every mile you drive, either by using a smartphone (free) or by plugging our GPS mileage tracker (small monthly rental) into a car.

You can also classify journeys, and include only business trips in your claims, ensuring personal trips are kept private. Classifying with a single swipe, right for business and left for personal, it’s as easy as that.

Employers and business owners can manage reimbursements with ease as Autotrip keeps track of the latest mileage rates and stores all claims in one place to ensure HMRC compliance.

In the last year alone, Autotrip has recorded over 9.5 million miles and 575,000 business trips in the UK, saving 1000s of hours that would have been otherwise spent logging and reviewing mileage manually.

For further information on this and other topics then request more information or contact us at 01332-369999 or through the contact page of our website www.milestone-solutions.co.uk or go direct to to thdownload the app at http://www.autotrip.com

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