You are the sum of the people you mix with!

Some years ago I was invited to go and see Brad Sugars CEO of Action Coach when he came to Nottingham Arena to give a presentation to business owners. As I remember it is was a great presentation, full of enthusiasm and motivation. Towards the end of the presentation he made the following statement.


“Where you will be in 5 years time is the sum total of the people you mix with, the books you read and the actions you take.”

I have tried to follow this mantra since then. Always looking for people to include and exclude from my close circle of contacts, more recently I have achieved great strides in this and that is including great podcast presenters in my inner circle. I have always struggled with finding the time to read but have filled this gap by using Audible to listen to books whilst driving or walking the dogs. You can find this at and I believe that your first download is still free so have a go. Then using these better conversations and learnings to take action towards my goals.

So where do you want to be in 5 years?

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