To podcast or not to podcast!

I thought that you may find it interesting if I shared with you the podcasts that we listen to, in no particular order these are as follows:

  • “The Tim Ferris Show” – Tim Ferriss
  • “The Gary Vee Audio Experience” – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • “The Disruptive Entrepreneur” – Rob Moore
  • “Achieve your goals” – Hal Elrod
  • “Mark my Words” – Mark Homer
  • “The Progressive Property Podcast” – Peter Jones
  • “The Art of Charm” – Jordan Harbinger
  • “The Rod & Gary Show” – Rod Drury and Gary Turner

    These are a great way to improve your knowledge as in most cases its just like sitting in on a conversation. Have a listen you may find the you enjoy them as well

2 thoughts on “To podcast or not to podcast!

  1. Thanks for the tips. I love the Gary Vee podcast. I’m also a big fan of Hal Elrod’s book ‘The Miracle Morning’ so will make sure I check out his podcast as well.

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